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  1. C

    AC3200 bad purchase?

    I need a quick answer please because I might be able to cancel the purchase. I’ve just bought an ASUS RT-AC3200 that was at the same price than the RT-AC86U AC2900 and than a pack of 2 RT-AC66U B1. I have an RT-AC56 that has passed to EOL by Asus (although it´s still advertised in their USA...
  2. L

    Time schedule - Firewall Network Services Filter

    Hi, I want to block all internet access at night with router Asus RT-AC66U Blocking ports 80 & 443 should do that as far as I understand. Put in dest. port 80/443 but cannot get it to work between certain hours. Only when timerange is 00:00-23:59 both blacklist or whitelist works. So if I...