access controls

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  1. PunchCardBoss

    VPN & Access Control with Network Services Filter

    Non-Profit Organization LAN Office Setup: Router: AX88U (LAN running AsusWRT FW Printer: Konica Minolta model 308 (LAN Printer Port number: 9100 Synology 920+ NAS (LAN NAS File Services Port #: http=7000; https=7001 Other LAN...
  2. N

    Securing camera on network

    Greetings all. I've been testing motion capture on a grey-market Hikvision cube wired to a non-WAN connected Asus router. Images are written to usb drive on router. I want to connect it to main router (R7800 w/ Voxels latest) in order to continue capturing motion AND receive email alerts upon...
  3. A

    best firmware for fine tuning access control? have ASUS ac56u and using Asus Merlin, but no linux...

    I need access controls for myself. Yes, kind of pathetic, but I'm quite the internet junkie and need to find tune access (more time-based for specific clients than blocking specific urls or classes of pages). I am using Asus Merlin and am generally very happy with it, but a lot of its use for...
  4. J

    Looking for Advanced QoS and Access Control

    Hi Folks, New to this forum... I'm looking for a budget router for home use but I need one that has advanced QoS and access control features. I currently have a Netgear AC1750 (R6350). The QoS and access control features built in to this router are very limited. I'm looking for a router...
  5. sfx2000

    Security - Access Controls and Persistent Users

    One of the common topics we see on SmallNetBuilder Forums is how to create and manage access controls for the network - mostly along the lines of Parental Controls Great article over on ArsTechnica regarding prisoners setting up a couple of computers and getting network access... and this isn't...