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best firmware for fine tuning access control? have ASUS ac56u and using Asus Merlin, but no linux...

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I need access controls for myself. Yes, kind of pathetic, but I'm quite the internet junkie and need to find tune access (more time-based for specific clients than blocking specific urls or classes of pages).

I am using Asus Merlin and am generally very happy with it, but a lot of its use for advanced context requires knowledge of Linux (this is how ignorant I am: I only think it's Linux, not even sure) which I sadly do not have and I have not found an easy way to learn (that is, specifics re entware etc.).

So before I do my next upgrade of Asus Merlin, I thought I would ask the question whether Tomato, DD-WRT, or Open WRT might have better access controls that are noob friendly. Or are there new Asus Merlin modules or anything that make changing access-control settings easier and/or add on additional options?

Barring that, does anyone have a suggestion for resources on learning what these different entware packages do and maybe simple primer lessons on how to use, for example, iptables?

Just to describe the type of thing that I want to do so you understand what I mean...

I would like to have one client, my laptop, have continuous access for the purpose of P2P and granting remote access to files true, say, my Calibre server to my Android, but blocking all internet access for a certain period of time. It would be great if I was able to adjust us on the fly as well, however I am not going to be holding the password for the GUI because that kind of defeats the purpose, so that's not really possible on Asus Merlin (as far as I know). Being able to adjust frequently isn't a must have, however. I'm a crazy computer addict, but not entirely unreasonable.

Basically, the more control I can have over it and avoid messing up other clients (since I share the network with my best friend who actually pays for service) the better. Is there a specific firmware that focuses more on access control then Asus Merlin? Or are there any tutorials available that name the end entware modules available for Asus Merlin or other firmwares that might make them more user-friendly or powerful? Because I swear I have gone through the whole of GitHub and with my limited knowledge I'm really not able to identify what I need. It's like they're just out there on an FTP server with no descriptions and there is some hidden Rosetta Stone somewhere that I'm missing.

Would really appreciate some help. And let may put this out here too: if anyone is willing to help me out with configuring this, I'm more than happy to pay something, although it might be on the low end if you are a professional. I am on a fixed income and can only afford so

Thanks in advance for any help. Really trying to get this together so I can still have a computer without letting it suck up all of my time. My other option is throwing it out the window.

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