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  1. D

    Assign Static IP address to Amazon Echo??

    I have a Hitron CODA 4582 modem and am having trouble with autconfiguration DHCP assignments. (About once or twice a week the Hitron will not assign a proper IP address to it's clients. Instead it assigns a 169.x.x.x address. A modem reset temporarily resolves the issue.) I have beat this issue...
  2. thiggins

    Amazon Alexa Now Controls Luma

    It looks like Amazon has put more than money behind mesh Wi-Fi company Luma. An email blast just brought news that some Luma features can now be controlled by speaking to Alexa. Using Alexa’s voice controls, Luma and Echo can now “Pause the internet” and “Prioritize Devices” for individual...
  3. Julio Urquidi

    DTS and Amazon Bring Alexa To Play-Fi and Play-Fi Partners

    DTS announced plans to bring Alexa and Amazon’s Alexa-enabled products into its Play-Fi ecosystem. According to the plan, Amazon products like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and Amazon Fire TV will soon control and play audible content on third-party DTS Play-Fi powered speakers. DTS Play-Fi...
  4. Julio Urquidi

    Amazon Announces Pre-Order For Second-Gen Echo Dot

    Amazon announced the pre-order status for its latest version of the Echo Dot, a smaller version of the Echo smart speaker that uses Alexa commands to automate smart home devices. In multi-room homes, multiple Echo Dots can be spread out to better help pick up voice commands to turn on lights...
  5. Julio Urquidi

    Google Home: A New Virtual Agent Announced

    “Okay, Google” just got more interesting. Google introduced its entry in the home virtual agent market, Google Home, at this year’s I/O conference. Built around AI-inspired technology, Google Home will be competing against Amazon’s Echo, creating a stir in today’s growing virtual agent...