asus ac2900

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  1. D

    ROG Rapture AC-2900 Slow Download, Normal Upload

    Got this strange issue where I get very low Download speed but the Upload speed is normal in both wired and wireless. Even more strange is its only happens when i do speedtest to Singapore MyRepublic ISP but normal speed(both download and upload) when I speedtest to ISPs in my country. Stranger...
  2. M

    NordVPN Running on Router and Streaming Box Clients Issue

    This is my first post to this site, I come here alot for advice and guidance and its never failed me. A friend of mine decided that he wanted his entire home network to be behind a vpn, and he opted for NordVPN. My friend resides in the US. He asked me to set it up for him on a brand new ASUS...
  3. D

    New RT-AC86U: System Log

    I just installed the AC86U last night and noticed the system log creates an entry every five minutes: kernel: thfsplus: walked past end of dir I upgraded from the AC68U and never had this issue. Anybody know why I am getting this logged every 5 minutes? I don't have time machine enabled...