ROG Rapture AC-2900 Slow Download, Normal Upload

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New Around Here
Got this strange issue where I get very low Download speed but the Upload speed is normal in both wired and wireless. Even more strange is its only happens when i do speedtest to Singapore MyRepublic ISP but normal speed(both download and upload) when I speedtest to ISPs in my country. Stranger is that the issue come and go, the issue will cause download speed to slow down for like 5-10minutes then it get back to normal speed, and it mostly happen from around 8pm.
Read the forum about QoS, Open Nat, AiProtection, IPv6, may causing the issue so I disabled all of them, do a factory reset, reconfig everything and the issue is still there.
Call my ISP and got them to replace their Huawei router and the issue still there.
I am so lost right now, I don't know what to check anymore, please help, I don't know if its my ISP to blame or my AC-2900 has broken tho I only been using it for a year.
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