asus ax

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  1. Addz89

    Asus ax5400 and AX82U merlin

    Hi guys just a random question ive got the dsl-ax5400 flashed with firmware merlin for AX82U Im new to programming but just want to know if there is a admin login on the ssh. I dont really know how to do much thats why im asking. Ive done a dropbear key but just dont know what else i need to do...
  2. D

    Wireguard officially on AX-routers?

    Anyone know which AX-routers that officially support Wireguard. And have anyone tried it?
  3. A

    92U Mesh - Turn off wifi on main unit?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 92u twin pack with the intention of using in a wired backhaul mesh setup. The issue I have is that whilst my house is fibre to property and pre-wired with ethernet, the wiring is all in an under the stairs cupboard which is not the best place to put any...
  4. idefix

    Google Home/Chromecast Issues with AX88U and AX92U

    Hi guys, I recently migrated my network from a AC3200 and a few range extenders to a AX88U (main router running latest MerlinWRT) with 2 AI Mesch Routers connected to it (AX92U running latest stock FW). Since the migration, I have very strange issues with my Google Home/Chromecast setup. Here...