asus dsl ac68u

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    Massive loss of speed via wireless on DSL-AC68U

    Hi to all, I'm new to this forum and not the most gifted networker but I get by - mostly! I recently upgraded my internet service to a 900 Mb/s service from Kcom (serves Hull and surroundings in East Yorkshire, UK). I took a wire directly to my Mac and am getting the full 900 Mb/s 24/7...
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    Hi, I was wondering if there happen to be a tool thats compatible with ASUS DSL-AC68U just like DSLSTATS or DMT.
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    ASUS DSL-AC68U download speed problem

    Hello to everyone. I have a really weird thing going on here and I'd like to ask for some help. The problem is as follows: I have a home ADSL Internet Connection of up to 24 Mbps for Download and up to 1 Mbps for Upload. I know that these are really lame internet speeds but in my country...