asus rt-ac3200

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  1. U

    IPv6 Native vs Passthrough (2-Router LAN)

    Topology Two ASUS routers: 1st plugged into a modem (w/ WAN aggregation) 2nd plugged into the first router both are in router mode and not set up as an AP One of the reason I opted for this setup is that I liked the idea of having a firewall on the client-router in order to apply some more...
  2. T

    Roku Netflix problem on Merlin Firmware

    I have an AC3200 and after installing Merlin about a week ago and updating to the latest build 384.6, I could no longer access Netflix on my Roku devices in the house (this was the same on both builds). All were reporting NW-2-5 errors which pointed to network connectivity. I followed the...
  3. iManuB

    [HELP] Asus RT-AC3200 and 5GHz-2 SLOW

    Greetings to everyone. Forgive my English. I bought this Asus RT-AC3200 router. I noticed, though, a "problem" with the second 5GHz (5GHz-2). Both with iPhone 7 and with Samsung Smart TV (the latter far from the router only about thirty centimeters) I have a low speed. With the Samsung TV...
  4. S

    Limitation of port to small

    Have been put fiber into the house, and has therefore acquired a new router, which I'm starting to configure. A ASUS RT-AC3200 Path in settings : "Advanced - WAN - Virtual Server /Port Forwarding" In my old router, I always have even entered the IP, port on my IP-cameras, so I'm sure that...
  5. S

    ASUS RT-AC3200 OpenVPN and forcing clients to use Internet

    Hi everyone, I read through this forum in a lot of detail, and I saw other articles around this, but nothing that solves what i'm looking for. Here is my setup, and I would truly appreciate if you can help me out: Router: ASUS RT-AC3200 Firmware: VPN: OpenVPN Interface Type...