asus rt-ax55

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    RT-AX55 sending STP

    I have a device from my ISP, which is configured as a bridge, and an Asus RT-AX55 router with 3 machines connected to it. For some reason the router sends STP packets every 2 seconds to at least one of my machines. I'm betting it's sending them to all but I did a Wireshark trace on only one...
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    2 - RT-AX55 Access points using Aimesh?

    Amazon has RT-AX55 routers for $60. I want to update my network at home. Currently running Untangled on a PC as my router with 2 RT-AC66U setup as access points. If I setup 2 RT-AX55's as access points and enable AIMESH, does this handle handing off of clients between the 2 access points...
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    RT-AX55 Router NTP Issue

    Hi All, This is my first post here. I have recently faced a peculiar problem after purchasing ASUS RT-AX55. When I power off my Sony Bravia W800C TV (Pull out the plug, not turn off using remote), after powering it on and its connected to wifi time does not update. As a result, I cant access any...