asus rt-ax68u

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    AiMesh Mix-n-Match RT-AC68U with AX/AXE

    I have a RT-AC68U (latest Merlin) as my main router (WiFi off) with TP-Link Deco M9 Plus mesh WiFi. The ASUS is there only because of software preference. ISP is Comcast Cable 1000Mbps Things have been working OK. I don't get better than 250Mbps at any node. And all the cutting edge adopters...
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    VPN Question

    Two months ago I replaced my aging Google Mesh Routers with an ASUS RT-AX68U Router. I absolutely love it! I also do a lot of streaming. I have a NVIDIA Shield connected by Ethernet to one of the ASUS ports. I also use NordVPN on my Laptop, Cellphones, and NVIDIA Shield. Recently I loaded the...