asus rt-ax82u

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  1. S

    RT-AX82u Slow download speeds with VPN

    Hopefully I can get some support here because I'm pretty hopeless at this point. I have an RT-AX82U that as of a week ago was working fine, with download speeds over 150 Mbps with mulvad VPN enabled. Randomly, my speeds plummeted and after resetting the router and modem, nothing improved. For...
  2. A

    ASUS RT-AX59U vs Asus RT-AX82U

    Hi, I need a new router for many reasons but mainly for playing and work (Need to create a tunel with a vpn from a country to an other country that are 7000 km away from each other) with 7-8 'things' connected to it almost all time. Main differences are Asus RT-AX59U: Faster processor at 2...
  3. antarr

    Installing Merlin on RT-AX82U

    I'm looking for a guide on installing the Merlin to the RT-AX82U. I see in the releases that it should be supported. But I'm not able to find any guides on how to do so.
  4. Cool Games

    Cool Games - From 60 to 21 at 71

    Short timeline - Bullet points - my tech life 1975 - Most important Popular Electronics - January - my first 1978 - Arp Lexington MA job - 2600 & Odyssey 1980 - DEC Ed Services - instructor - RSX-11 on PDP-11 1984 - MIT, Project Athena and IVIS (DEC) - X11 1985 - (6) Roland Juno 106 - I...
  5. U

    IPv6 Native vs Passthrough (2-Router LAN)

    Topology Two ASUS routers: 1st plugged into a modem (w/ WAN aggregation) 2nd plugged into the first router both are in router mode and not set up as an AP One of the reason I opted for this setup is that I liked the idea of having a firewall on the client-router in order to apply some more...