asus rt-n16

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    Asus RT-N16 Port-forwarding issue

    Hello everybody, I've been trying to forward 80 port on RT-N16 and no success, it just don't work no matter what I do I've tried factory reset twice. I have manually assigned the LAN ip to the device I intend to use the port on AND I disabled UPnP .... BUT if I enable the Web Access from WAN...
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    asus rt-n16 softbrick after firmware upgrade

    all of this happened a while ago, but I flashed openWRT over openWRT to restore to stock settings, and when I did that, I exited the web browser not thinking that it would impact the flash, when I got back to the router, it was softbricked and partially functional with wan to lan working but no...
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    ASUS RT-N16 and Cujo

    No one is answering