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  1. M

    Cast Chromecast from OpenVPN client

    Hi, I've been spending days trying to be able to cast to my Chromecast without being in my WiFi (to send a movie to my mother when I'm not at home...) and had no luck. It'd also be useful for other services, like Sonos. I read some threads here about connectivity between guest networks, but my...
  2. N

    [Solved] Avahi-daemon causing AC-1900P to become virtually unresponsive, consuming ~50% CPU

    I know this question has been asked before, but the responses didn't help. Basically this is our problem After our router has been on for around about 5 minutes, the avahi-daemon starts freaking out and starts taking up immense amounts of CPU. This goes on for hours before calming down, before...
  3. A

    Disable avahi daemon on Asus RT-AC68U (as it is consuming 50% CPU)

    Greetings all Recently we've bought the brand new Asus RT-AC68U for the our small office. During the last week I noticed that CPU load for the core #1 is always 100% (screenshot). I logged in via ssh and run the "top" command. It is constantly showing avahi-daemon on top, eating up 50% of...