Cast Chromecast from OpenVPN client

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I've been spending days trying to be able to cast to my Chromecast without being in my WiFi (to send a movie to my mother when I'm not at home...) and had no luck. It'd also be useful for other services, like Sonos.

I read some threads here about connectivity between guest networks, but my case looks way simpler (I guess it doesn't involve routes). Since connectivity between OpenVPN subnet and LAN is ok (I can see all devices), it looked like I only had to enable avahi reflector, but it still doesn't work. I just added to avahi-daemon.conf:


...And restarted the service, but nothing changes. I just discovered that with "allow-point-to-point" avahi "detects" my OpenVPN interfaces, so it should work, but I don't get any more messages than that. I tried using avahi-browse, but it's not installed and it looks like it's had to put in the router.

Any ideas with that?



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Maybe the following will help.


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