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  1. T

    [SOLVED] RT-AC68U - Brick and can't take any firmware via recovery

    I have cleared the NVRAM in web GUI and then tried to move from AsuswrtMerlin to FreshTomato using Asus Router Firmware Restoration Utility (couldn't do that in GUI because of the Asus restriction on flashing unofficial software...). Unfortunately, after a long wait, the router wasn't detected...
  2. B

    Asus RT-AC68U not completly bricked...

    Hi everybody and happy new year! First of all, sorry for my english, it's not my native tongue... Re-first of all, I'm new to this forum, so excuse me if I've made some mistake, but I ran over this forum searching for "brick*" and I read everything. But without success. Here is my problem. I...
  3. Tri-RJ

    RT-AC88U will not go into discovery mode

    RT-AC88U went dead after ASUS firmware update "RT-AC88U_3.0.0.4_380_7743-g2cf84e9". I have read all the threads telling how to get into discovery mode but for some reason it will not. 95% of the time it will not do anything when I put the power on it. There are 4 lights that are very, very dim...
  4. Z

    Asus RT-AC5300 bricked. What to do?

    Hi guys, I tried to flash my Asus RT-AC5300 with Merlin RT-AC3100_380.63_2.trx firmware. This is the "screen /dev/tty.usbserial 115200" output: Digital core power voltage set to 1.05V SHMOO VER 1.13 PKID07DC06011801080000000000001A103F01000000 S300001EB 000014C0 RDLYW0 00000004 RDENW0...
  5. B

    RT-AC66U stuck in rescue mode & i/o errors fw uploads

    My router came up properly, I configured it, then it somehow got stuck in rescue mode (power LED blinks slowly). I have tried EVERYTHING to do with resetting and wiping nvram and loading new firmware (old, new, stock, merlin, tomato) via the Mac Restoration tool, the CFE web GUI firmware loader...
  6. Julio Urquidi

    Skydog Routers To Brick At End Of Service

    As it ends service, Skydog is rewarding its customers with dead hardware. Customers are getting notices that not only will their Skydog app stop working, but the associated router will no longer be functional. Skydog has started to send 60 day expiration notices to subscribers saying...