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  1. Rick Dean

    Asus RT-AX86U How to stop hackers...Nothing works

    I've tried everything but still my 86U is taken over within hours of a hard reset. Appears to me the certificate is being replaced. My passwords are 32 characters generated. It's like an evil spirit has taken over the router. Been thru all the settings and have contacted Asus with little...
  2. arabesc

    Tutorial HOWTO fix stock busybox/sed insert command on your R7800/R9000/etc

    During NG firmware script patching research I've realized that stock busybox/sed tool has a bug - the insert command doesn't work properly. Here is a test: # printf "1\n3" | /bin/sed '/3/i 2' | hexdump -C The buggy output is: 00000000 31 0a 32 01 33 |1.2.3| And the expected output is: 00000000...
  3. cmkelley

    "Alternate" Entware configuration - OOPS, don't do it!

    UPDATE: Leaving the below for posterity's sake, but don't do it. Some Entware stuff won't work with the "standard" entware setup, so far "man" and "openssh" because they appear to be hard-coded to expect different configurations (such as UID 0 being "root", which at least on my AC86U, the GUI...
  4. cmkelley

    Has anyone tried changing Entware install from standard to "alternative"

    Chasing down why I can't install Entware man and man-db packages, I discovered there are actually two different ways to install Entware (https://github.com/Entware/Entware/wiki/Alternative-install-vs-standard). RMerlin's install script performs the standard installation, which seems appropriate...
  5. P

    Asus Busybox missing "microcom" command - read/send SMS from shell using 3G/4G USB stick

    Hello, I would like to create script to read and send SMS messages using AT commands in shell however BusyBox command "microcom" is missing :( is it possible to include BusyBox microcom command? https://busybox.net/BusyBox.html...
  6. Schuby

    Help Needed: Firewall Script *Fixed!*

    I modified @Adamm 's script (http://www.snbforums.com/threads/how-to-dynamically-ban-malicious-ips-using-ipset-firewall-addition.16798/) and with the help of @Maude I was able to use iptables to forward ports to my web server and still have blacklisted users banned as needed. In regards to the...