cable internet

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  1. Amiga

    AC86U dying: Debating on spare AX68U or buying GT-AX6000 for 1Gb

    I've got an AC86U that I've been struggling with for several months, via scheduled nightly reboots, clean Merlin installs, and manual reboots (like today) when there's been zero end-user activity. I'm thinking of upgrading my cable to gigabit (with 100Mb upload) and know you can tweak aspects on...
  2. R

    Help with building my MoCA network

    Hello, I have dsl from AT&T which is very slow by today's standards. I'm thinking about subscribing to xfinity internet from Comcast because my father refuses to let AT&T drill a hole in our wall to get fiber. For now I think I'm going to get the 400 mbps down 10 mbps upload package they offer...