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  1. J

    Compiling a extreamly basic Asus firmware stripped of every single add-on made

    Hello all, I have had two Asus firewalls RT-AX92U and the RT-AX96U. I would like to work on creating a completely back to basics router with a firewall. None of the add-ons. My dream would be only to have or include the following to this firmware-slim. I would keep the following based on the...
  2. octopus

    Solved Need som help to choose tun inteface

    I'm strugeling with this and can't get it working. Is there som smart guy's have any suggestion? I'm trying to choose different "tun" inteface to send my mail on. eg. route-up on "tun11" and route-pre-down on "tun13" (have both running) But it seems only one tun interface is used (tun11). This...