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  1. xulian

    Unable to connect to AP from firefox

    Hi, this is for a RT-AC68U from both windows and Mac with firefox. It shows in status bar the message "making TLS negotiation with xxxx" and ends with time exceeded. But, I can connect from Safari (from the Mac) and also with Firefox from another Linux machine. Any idea about what the problem...
  2. N

    August Connect issue?

    Does anyone have a Smart lock by August with the August Connect device? For the past 3 days I was trying to set it up to my router but it kept failing. I thought maybe the device was defective. Today I decided to set it up again but instead of connecting it to my RT-AC5300 router I decided to...
  3. Marsi4eg

    AC66U crashes and reboots itself when Android phone connects to its Wifi

    I've got a new phone (HTC U12 +) and ran into a very strange problem - very often (not always, more likely after wifi module on the phone goes off and then back on) when connecting the phone to the AC66U network, on both ranges, it does not matter 5 or 2.4 GHz, router goes into reboot. Never...