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  1. K

    Is netem module included in firmware? How can I get it?

    Hi, Just wondering if netem module is included, if not, how can I get it into the router? I am able to SSH into the router. I would like to use such command: tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem delay 100ms Thanks
  2. D

    AAA for Small Home Network

    Dear Experts, My apologies for a long post I share my internet (payment monthly) with different houses in the neighbourhood using APs and LAN switches. Currently the setup is quite simple and users are given shared keys and they connect to the network. The issue is as most of the time the...
  3. Bob2016

    New fonctionnality in Parental control

    Hi, I'm proposing to add a great new fonctionnality under AIProtection Parental Controls, Time Scheduling. The grouping fonctionnality. With so much connected devices the grouping will help a lot. The restriction should be applied for every device under the groups. ex. all the kids devices...