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  1. H

    Can I use crontab to switch VPN clients on a schedule?

    Hello! I am enjoying my RT-AC86U with Merlin. I have a question - I use a VPN provider which has many servers, and I have different VPN clients set up in the router for some particular servers. Manually I can turn each one on, or off; or select it to start up when rebooting. And I schedule a...
  2. A

    Solved [RT-AX86U] - Weird cron time schedule: am vs. pm

    Hi guys, I bought two RT-AX86U routers. Using one as main router and the other as media bridge for my computer. I love it! It works blazing fast a almost hit my internet connection speed of 1Gbit/s :p (around 900mb down / 980mb up). But there is one thing which bothers me and I don't...
  3. R

    Schedule to enable/disable AiProtection

    Hi folks! I'm trying to figure out how to control (simply to enable and disable) AiProtection from the command line. What I would like to do is, set up a cron-based schedule to enable and disable AiProtection Parental Controls (or a client entry within it - I don't mind which). The problem is...
  4. chandras002

    crontab using cru -not working

    Dear all, last few days, struggling on this...:rolleyes: i want to run tcpdump for every 1 hours using crontab on my Asus merlin - AC88U - firmware 380.65_4. Now testing for every 1 min so, 1) I have a script name : /jffs/scripts/ !/bin/sh echo This is test...