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  1. T

    Solved Cannot build for GT-AX6000 using 308_20566 branch

    Error: cp: cannot stat '/home/william/': No such file or directory Any idea what's wrong?
  2. E

    Orbi RBK 23 Custom Firmware

    Hello everyone, I have bought an Orbi RBK23 set and I am mostly satisfied with it. However, I'm a bit annoyed that I can't "force" special devices to connect to a specific satellite. Because the automatic assignment to the next satellite doesn't really work. Is there a custom firmware that...
  3. enchained

    Best firmware choice for AC66U B1?

    My friend needed a router, so I decided to give away my good old N66U and make myself a bit of an upgrade to boost my wireless LAN speeds for AC devices. N66U currently has Merlin's FW a couple of versions behind the last supported one, but I've read that the John's fork has ongoing support and...
  4. T

    Best Custom firmware for NetGear WNDR 4500 V1 (N900) + Which WiFi extender?

    I have VirginMedia 240 Mbps connection + NetGear WNDR 4500 V1 (N900) WiFi router. I am not getting good WiFi signsls in upstairs rooms. May I know what is the best Custom Firmware for NetGear WNDR 4500 V1? I tried DD-WRT ( But it...