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  1. DustyDad

    RT-AX92U or RT-AX58U as main router

    I have two RT-AX92U routers. They are almost perfect for what I need. Both of them are in the basement and it mostly covers the main floor as well. They are wired backhaul. However, there are a few spots that are a bit flaky for signal strength on the main floor so I purchased a used...
  2. John DeLuca

    Advice AX11000 vs AXE1100 what to buy

    Hello, I am kinda torn on what router to upgrade my gt-ac5300 to. The contenders are either the AX11000 or the AXE11000 the major consideration I have is Merlin FW vs Wifi 6E. I currently do not have any wifi 6e devices but if I upgrade my iPhone next year I assume that will have 6E. I was...