dns configuration

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  1. S

    Another DNS Director clarification

    Hello everyone! I understand there is a lot of DNS Director posts/threads and while most of them have been useful, I wanted to confirm a few things based on my desired configuration. If I follow the following guide () can I add clients in the Client List to bypass the Pi-Hole? (NOTE: I'm using...
  2. J

    WAN DNS Selection doesn't change DNS severs

    So I noticed that one of the latest updates has added a WAN selection pane which is very useful. However when I selection an option and hit 'Apply' it reconnects to my ISP but then just continues to use the ISP provided DNS servers on both the WAN overview & my devices. Any idea why this would...
  3. J

    OVPN DNS & Policy-based routing question

    Question: If I set an OVPN client’s “Accept DNS configuration” settings to DISABLED … and set “Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel” to VPN Director (policy rules) … … will the DNS queries associated with those devices for which VPN director is set to enable use of the VPN client...