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Another DNS Director clarification

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New Around Here
Hello everyone! I understand there is a lot of DNS Director posts/threads and while most of them have been useful, I wanted to confirm a few things based on my desired configuration.

If I follow the following guide ( ) can I add clients in the Client List to bypass the Pi-Hole? (NOTE: I'm using AdGuard Home instead of Pi-Hole.)

Specific use case: my wife hates ad blocking and I would prefer to bypass her phone and laptop with manual assignments in DHCP Server settings tab. I'd also like to redirect my kid's tablets for AdGuard Family.

I've read various threads and it seems that my desired configuration won't work since Global Redirection > Router will intercept all requests AND with DNS Server 1 configured with the Pi-Hole, that will be handed down to all DHCP client no matter what. I find that removing the IP address from DNS Server 1 and configuring Global Redirection > User defined 1 (or any other User defined entry) to my Pi-Hole then the configuration will work as expected...EXCEPT for logging as all requests show up as my router.

If there is a thread with an answer then I'm happy to be redirected (no pun intended) to it. (I've searched the forums but I'm sure I missed useful information.)

Forget a Reddit post from 2020.

Use the Better Search option at the top of the page to get the answers you need.

Also, read the RMerlin firmware guides.


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