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  1. D

    NAS and media player?

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for advice on creating a home media network. my wife needs a way to backup her work (Mac book sync to Dropbox) , and I have Several music libraries on old computers. And photos. Ideally I want the files on Dropbox backed up to the NAS and vice versa.. and photos from...
  2. HuskyHerder

    SmartSync, Dropbox, linking issue (work around)

    I have been trying to link a Dropbox account. I intended to use it to push Logs, and BU configs etc. to my Mac as I travel. Anyway, I go through the linking process > authorization page > 2fa page > grant the app access. I then get a new pop up window asking for a sign in. I sign in and upon...
  3. M

    Dropbox WAITING status

    I suppose all of you saw this, when the status of Dropbox sync is WAITING. Waiting for what? Why? It happens often for no particular reason. Was anybody able to handle this and to re-initiate the synchronization? In such I cases I do following: enter pass for AsusCloud storage and press Apply...
  4. M

    Rclone (Entware-NG) issues configuring and syncing

    I'm trying to find a way to sync my Dropbox folder to an USB 3.0 drive connected to my router. I'm mostly using Linux and as the Linux Dropbox client has several issues since the last update around two years ago, and Dropbox doesn't seem to intend to fix the (rather simple) issues, I was looking...
  5. P

    Dropbox and AC-68U not working - AICLOUD 2.0

    I am trying to add my dropbox account in AICLOUD 2.0 on my AC68U. However whenever I add dropbox authentication details, 3ProSync page opens , on which when I click "Allow" , page refreshes but no dropbox account added for synchronization. No error on screen whatsoever. I tried many times...
  6. Julio Urquidi

    Dropbox Previews Project Infinite, A Cure For Local Storage Pains

    Dropbox Business recently announced Project Infinite, a future offering that fixes the problem of using Dropbox on end-user devices with limited storage space. Being cross-platform compatible, Project Infinite works like traditional Dropbox Business, but adds the option to store data in the...