dropping devices

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  1. Chamaco Arano

    Dropping clients

    This is odd... I have a RT-AC3100 on 384.8_2, I'm also running Diversion for ad blocking. QoS is disabled. For the last few nights, the router has been dropping 2 clients, 2 PCs; my bandwith is 400/25. When I review General Logs, I see the router is reconnecting the 2 PCs in question. The only...
  2. S

    Ac3200 dropping new wireless devices

    I have had my Asus ac3200 for a year and a half and it has worked well for what I had connected to it..3 SSIDs, 1 for each band and 1 guest network. I have 2 tablets, 3 phones, and 2 laptops on 1 5ghz band it's on SSID. On the other 5ghz band on it's own SSID I have 2 TV's, 2 game consoles, 2...