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    Dual-Stack Lite tunnel (DS-lite IPv4 over IPv6) Support

    Sorry for poor english. I tried to find ways to enable DS-lite on Asus merlin. And I tried to setup it manualy but "ip6_tunnel" is not found in modules.dep I think odhcp6c supports DS-Lite but I could not find a way to enable it. I found a script for DS-lite in here...
  2. I

    Is DS-Lite supported?

    I changed my ISP to DS-Lite supported ISP recently. The normal ASUSWRT firmware doesn't support DS-Lite, so I'm planning to use another router or custom firmware. Does ASUSWRT-Merlin support DS-Lite? If it doesn't, I'm planning to do these 3 options. 1. Use ASUS router as bridge mode, and use...
  3. S

    DS-LITE and DSL-AC68U (with GNUton Merlin)

    Hi all I do really need your support as I believe I am almost there, but I don't manage to find a solution :( So, long story short, I have the same issue of the user dopefish reported here: [Release 382] Asuswrt-Merlin 382.1 is now available Basically, my ISP - like most of German ISPs - is...