dual wan ftth

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  1. puremind

    VLAN (IPTV) setting not working for GT AX11000 Pro ?

    Hi ! Hoping someone can help... I've recently replaced a Netgear R8500 with a new ASUS GT AX11000 Pro. (Used to have a way older ASUS RT-N66U before with Merlin back then) I am trying to bypass my ISPs router with Asus' directly. For what I read around, it does require to set VLAN 10 in the...
  2. F

    RT AC88U Dual WAN with Fiber and Cable - How to set vlan id

    Hello, I want to configure Dual WAN on my Router. On WAN I have a direct connection via cable modem as Primary WAN, WAN Connection Mode "Automatic IP", that works for a longer time. Now I got a FTTH connection with a modem from the provider as second internet connection. My Idea is to configure...