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    How do I use a user script to notify my DNS filtering service of my new dynamic IP address?

    Until today, I used a script called by a cron on my Linux computer, to notify my DNS based filtering service of my current public IP address. (I use cleanbrowsing.org) However, my computer is not always on. So I want to move this notification to my router (rt-ac68u with the latest Merlin...
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    How to setup VPN client routes via SSH

    My end goal is to route all traffic hitting a specific media service through my VPN client. I've got a list of IPs that is dynamically updated using this service's various URLs. I'd like to force any traffic coming from any device on my network that is destined for one of these IPs, to go over...
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    WAN access to my Asus Router

    I wanted to know if anyone could help me get WAN access to my home router. I replaced my expensive Comcast Cable Modem with a Cell phone running on 4G LTE. I use a WiFi hotspot on the phone (to take advantage of my carrier's unlimited data plan that only slows down after I have used 23GB and...