1. Flying Dutchman

    [EAX-80] New official firmware is BETA ?!? (58)

    Hi, I checked the download support page for the EAX-80 and noticed a new firmware version (finally): - Hot Fix This version has some security updates. But when I download the file it seems to be a BETA version of the firmware (EAX80-V1.0.0.58_1.0.1_BETA.chk). I find this strange to...
  2. Flying Dutchman

    [EAX-80] - Is another EAX-80 seen as radar?

    I have 2x an EAX-80. This to cover the whole house with WiFi6. They are both connected over CAT6 cable to the router and set-up as Access Points. When I set both AP's 5 GHz band to channel 108 this band is often not starting on both on power-up. I see the 2.4 GHz band coming up but the 5 GHz...