encryption throughput

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    Core speeds proc 1 or 2 U86/2900 with different truput.

    Just wondering. When i choose Client 1 in vpn settings, Core 2 will reach approx 99% and approx 40% on core 1 and will reach about 180mbps on a 200mbps line. (speedtest) When i upload the same vpn config to Client 2, Core 1 will reach approx 99% and core 2 will reach aprox 30% but now with...
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    VPN Encryption Throughput Comparison Needed

    I am setting up my own cloud for security reasons. I want to share data across multiple devices, and have a central NAS keep a central database with backups. I am using a QNAP TS251+ behind a linksys LRT214 VPN router, and windows 7 VPN clients on my PC devices. With typical ISP internet service...