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  1. D

    Fail Safe Dual Router setup

    Hit there, I didnt try this yet but I would like to ask for an opinion before I start pulling the cables.;) My idea is to have a redundant Dual router setup, in case one router gets powered off or malfunctions the other should work and allow users to access the wifi. This way I can still access...
  2. amplatfus

    Solved How to access my Secondary WAN USB (eth8) during stand-by

    Hi, After implemented the solution posted on nearby thread (Solved How to access my ONT from router by @andresmorago), I was wondering is is possible to access the USB Huawei HiLink (used as Secondary WAN while is in standby. I would like this in order to read SMS from that SIM while Secondary...
  3. L

    NetGear LB2120 - LAN fail over to 4G - feedback wanted

    I'm considering the NetGear LB2120 as I'd like to have fail-over in case comcast goes down. Anyone have experience with the LB2120 ? Hoping to use Google Fi data only sim. thx!