firewalla gold plus

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  1. C

    Attempting to design an ASUS Mesh Network purposely using a double NAT? Good or bad idea?

    Hello, I’m looking for any advice, comments or positive/negative criticisms regarding my setup intentions described below: -I have Xfinity Gig+ service -I am using my own Arris S33 cable modem first in line attached to the incoming coaxial cable -Next in line I have a Firewalla Gold Plus...
  2. GHammer

    Firewalla Gold Plus Suitability

    I have an opportunity to buy a Gold Plus for 75% off through a friend. I'm wondering if I should. I like the features, think the data offered on network use would be a nice thing. If I do this, I'll have to swap it in as router. I have a well functioning network so I don't want to find that this...