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  1. Saqr42

    Help me troubleshoot network disconnections and low speeds

    Dears, I have a network of 17 devices on Asus RT-AC88U connected to my telco fibermodem in bridge mode. Now I have some disconnects and durations of low speeds and lags on two smart TVs and gaming consoles. Here is some of the System Log > General log : May 5 21:43:26 syslog: WLCEVENTD...
  2. R

    [Fix] Wifi continually disconnecting and reconnecting with smart connect

    Hi all When running on 384.13 I had great success with my network, everything was nice and stable. Since then, I've had some horrific instability on portable devices and only in some locations - ironically locations with strong signal. I think I've finally found the cause - the Smart Connect...
  3. HuskyHerder

    SmartSync, Dropbox, linking issue (work around)

    I have been trying to link a Dropbox account. I intended to use it to push Logs, and BU configs etc. to my Mac as I travel. Anyway, I go through the linking process > authorization page > 2fa page > grant the app access. I then get a new pop up window asking for a sign in. I sign in and upon...
  4. Edropian

    RT-AC5300 5G_2 Band Issue ... Is It Dead?

    Hello everybody and thanks for stumbling upon another issue of mine! Unfortunately my 2 weeks RT-AC5300 has given me more trouble than pleasure of using it and I must figure everything out while I can still RMA it. So let me walk you through my issue. When I first started using this router...
  5. psycodepath

    jetpack mhs800L factory reset *without* admin password

    I bought the mhs800L from a friend for $5. But the range is short and I don't like the SSID. No one knows the admin password or secret question answer. How can I forcibly reset the device? Verizon support was not helpful. The PDF manual wants me to login with the admin password to reset the...
  6. stambeccuccio

    [SOLVED] Media Server's UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) FIXED

    Whenever router reboots it generates a new UUID for Media Server. So in the folder "Devices and Printers" of Windows, I find a lot of dead media server devices (practically a new media server each time you rebooted router) that I have to delete manually. I ask: Is that correct? Device's UUID...