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  1. I

    Wi-fi ADSL Router with best SQM

    I am looking for an ADSL Router that can provide the best SQM without paying an arm or leg for that and without paying much of my maximum bandwidth to achieve that. Unfortunately OpenWRT almost support no DSL Router + devices available in my country are very limited. I can't provide a list for...
  2. LongRangeSkeet

    RT-AX58U FQ_Codel issues

    Hi everyone, I just picked up this router today and set-it all up and enabled the FQ_Codel in the Adaptive QoS settings page. I'm provisioned at 200/10 by my ISP and Speedtest.net/Fast.com usually shows it hovering around 230+/12+ with zero % packet loss. Bufferbloat is F. The QoS...
  3. U

    List of Smart Queue Management (SQM) routers

    Is there a list of consumer routers with Smart Queue Management (SQM) support with stock firmware? Anything with a Qualcomm chip with Streamboost support or based on a modern OpenWRT or a very modern Linux kernel should have SQM available by default, right? Unfortunately, identifying specific...
  4. B

    FQ_codel adaptive qos--blufferboat issue--gaming

    iSB8200 docsis 3.1 modem / RT-AC87 --Merlin 380.67 / Comcast 150/20 usually tests at 180/25. I've been experimenting with fq_codel adaptive qos. When I set it for automatic rates, I get the same results as if wow is turned off--regardless of where I set the wan packet overhead. My...