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  1. C

    DDNS Update frequency increase for Asus DDNS

    I am experiencing a couple of DDNs issues Currently I am using the ASUS DDNS service (its free and that matters a lotto me right now) but as far as I know it is not updating daily (which is as often as I can seem to set it for on my Asus merlin router. 2 questions. 1. Is there a...
  2. BreakingDad

    [EXPIRED] Hundreds of Google Cloud Platform hands-on courses/labs for free @

    Google Cloud Hands-on Labs As a Google Cloud Training Partner we provide the necessary skills to develop and operate infrastructures and applications in the Google Cloud. With a seamless integration into the Qwiklabs platform, Fast Lane brings you hundreds of Google Cloud Hands-on...
  3. M

    GUI Memory x Meminfo

    I noticed that the memory information shown at the router's web GUI ("Network Map > System Status") is different from the one shown by "/proc/meminfo". I read somewhere that the web GUI used information from "free" command, but the amounts are different as well. GUI # free total...
  4. P

    Softether VPN

    My first post in this forum - - discussed my need to find a vpn router. My needs are very simple. I am the only user. I need to connect remotely to view and manage one security cam. When I connect, no one will be using the...