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    Solved SFTP - Key Only access via FileZilla client to RT-AC68U

    The thread title is what I'd like to achieve i.e. SFTP access to my RT-AC68U Router via a FileZilla client, but only using a passphrase protected private key and its paired public public key, so not using a User ID and password for SFTP access. AFAIK Dropbear that is supplied by Asus by default...
  2. D

    Secure method to share video files (sftp or AiCloud) with non-tech friends

    Hi, Errata: I would correct the title: (other than sftp or AiCloud) I'm looking from you folks to give some ideas for a secure file sharing method using the standard daemons available with Asus or Merlin firmware. I'm not into using command-line configs like vsftpd through entware or similar...
  3. E

    Let's Encrypt service for FTP and/or SSH

    Hi, my name is Emmanuel, I am from Argetine. This is my first thread. I have a doubt which might be an interesting function to add. Is it possible to use the Let's Encrypt service, used to HTTPS webui, for the FTPS function? Thank you so much! Emmanuel
  4. A

    FTPS / FTP TLS does not work in 380.67

    Hi Folks, I am trying to make use of the new feature FTPS (FTP TLS) in 380.67 version but without success. I enable the TLS for the FTP and also the access from WAN and when try to connect to the router's FTPS service from a remote location with FileZilla client, the connection is established...