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Secure method to share video files (sftp or AiCloud) with non-tech friends


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Errata: I would correct the title: (other than sftp or AiCloud)

I'm looking from you folks to give some ideas for a secure file sharing method using the standard daemons available with Asus or Merlin firmware. I'm not into using command-line configs like vsftpd through entware or similar.
Couple of times per year I had to share big files (>4GB) with my non-technical friends or with my parents. Usually are GoPro videos or downloaded movies or .zip of photo files.
Currently I'm using either the standard FTP server (non-TLS) on my Asus AC68U (Merlin) when I have to send files > 2GB or when having (<2GB files) using different file transfer services (transfer.com or filemail.com or other) but these kind of free services are non-standard and are often changing limits or different settings each year.

* I tried AiCloud which works OK but only using the Admin credentials - this makes it not viable as I would need to have available at least one more public username.
* I tried using the AiCloud-Sync method, which permits creating custom-users but it works with very very slow transfer speeds between Asia to Europe.
* I tried FTP server with TLS but it works only with specialized client programs like WinSCP, Filezilla and then setting custom ports, etc - so it is not a good option for non-tech folks.

I'm looking to find a SECURE method where the non-tech folk clicks in whatsapp/email a hyperlink, it asks for the credentials and that's all. Currently I work with standard FTP which is not secure at all, after 2-3 days I have to take care to remember disabling the FTP service and sometimes I forget for many weeks.

Maybe somebody knows how it can be customized DownloadStation so that its folders can be accessed from the WAN side from a uTorrent client. I mean, how can I obtain the address/hyperlink that I have to send in email/whatsapp to my friends?

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You will likely struggle between "one click" and "secure" :)

Setting up a VPN is pretty straight forward though. There may be a short learning curve for the "clients", but it would give you security.


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Look into Firefox Send. I've used it for similar items and the only issue I've encountered is download fails for one family member that has SLOOOOW internet.


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If a non-router solution is an option, then Sync.com with a couple of free accounts that are sharing a folder. This storage is end to end encrypted.


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This is a correction as it seems that I did something wrong previously when I tested AiCloud.
* I tried AiCloud which works OK but only using the Admin credentials - this makes it not viable as I would need to have available at least one more public username.
Actually it seems that if you create a user/password credential within the window "USB Application - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk" and assign permissions to folders - it works as expected to access the files on the USB disk via the AiCloud web/https interface and login with a standard user (not the admin user).
So, my conclusion is that AiCloud rulz and is a very elegant solution!
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