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  1. Neurogenesis

    [AC87] [380.69] No WAN access with IP Passthrough from AT&T NVG599 Gateway

    Topology: I have FTTP with WAN port on the Gateway connected to the box on the side of the house. The AC87 has LAN 3 attached to the LAN 3 port on the Gateway. Background: I initially had the network setup according to the instructions here...
  2. wallaby32

    [AC1900P] BB variant of AC68U(I think) Overclocking? yes or no?

    Hello, Been using this router for about 2 weeks. It's pretty much a beast. But, I was wondering with the new bootloader version that Asus is using, is it possible to Overclock? standard clock is at 1.4ghz. with a small fan I can keep CPU temps down to about 62C and I would like to push the...
  3. wallaby32

    Quick question about RT N66U and At&t Gigapower

    I did some searching on the forums and couldn't find any answers that completely satisfied me. So, technician appointment on Monday (aug 29th) to bring a new At&t modem and register it for the new Gigapower service in my area. (1 gbps down/up) This is all I am saying about the modem since it...