high latency

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    MoCA latency issue

    I've added 5 MoCA adapters *behind* my router using a a PPC-9M-U/U splitter, to leverage the existing coax wiring in the house since WiFi can be spotty in the rooms further away. The adapters are Actiontec ECB6200 and ECB7250. I reckon that the network will be limited to MoCA 2.0 but that's...
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    High Ping on 5G

    On my RT-AC5300 on both 5G I've been getting spikes as high as 600ms. When doing a continous ping couple are under 100ms but the majority is over 100ms reaching up to 600ms. I have no VPN active and I have smart connect enabled also my signal strength is no problem. When I first got this router...
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    Ping Latency Issue with Merlin 380.70 on RT-N66U Router- any advice is appreciated

    Hi there! Like the title says, I have an N66U with 380.70 currently on it (latest supported version). Everything is working great (connectivity, range, customization is amazing) except for a ping/latency issue. If I ping google from my PC connected to the router, every 5-10 seconds it spikes to...