iot security

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  1. torstein

    How exactly do IoT smart devices pose a threat to home networks?

    I'm just curious, how exactly does a smart lock, or a light bulb or a smart kitchen appliance pose a threat? If you have your router properly set-up, disabled UPnP, enabled the firewall and no port forwarding, then there's no way some remote hacker can enter my home network through a security...
  2. H

    Securing iot devices with limitations and limited budget, well try maintain flexibility.

    Topic iot devices separated from Main devices within the home, but what qualifies as Main and what qualifies as iot and how to separate them when you don't have a switch that can tag packets? I also cannot run to land cables to the router or switches that I need to as each run through the house...
  3. H

    IoT Botnet, or GUI Bugs?

    Hi all, First of all apologies in advance for what might be an amateurish or potentially annoying post. I swear there's only 2 voices in my head ;) Here's the backstory: I replaced an old AC router in a guest house with my RT-AC66U B1 running Merlin (had not been used since 2021). I was...
  4. Tom Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

    YazFi Ping dualband device on YazFi

    Hello, I recently installed YazFi hoping to avoid any trouble with all the cheap Chinese devices by isolating most on a dedicated IoT network. I want to get a notification if any of my IP cameras becomes unresponsive and can successfully assign a dedicated IP following the below from the...
  5. M

    Does Asus-Wrt mantain a list of "blacklisted" devices?

    Scenario - I have Guest Network 2 enabled for my IoT devices, with access intranet restricted. I've long had a couple of devices who would work great for a long time. I make some change to the configuration to the one of the IoT devices, device works fine for short time with the new...
  6. krash867

    IOT Mystery - Help Needed

    I am a longtime Merlin user and have lurked the board for what seems like ages. I've never had to post before because like every tech savvy guru, I know that my problems are not unique. Someone... at least one person has had the same issue as I, and most likely there are multiple solutions...
  7. T

    Input on ways to implement IOT network

    Hi all, I'm relatively new the the forum, but from everything I've picked up about this place over the last year or more of running into it, this is the place to be if you have questions with ASUS routers. What I'm looking for is a few different ideas of how you would implement the below...
  8. N

    How to let Devices see each other in Guest network?

    Hello, I recently switched to Asus router and have two questions about Guest network. I am running asuswrt-merlin on ax86u 1. I see Guest network 1 gets its own DHCP range where as guest network 2 shares IP addresses from the main network DHCP pool. why? While its not an issue as long it works...
  9. L

    VLAN on NEW Router... or Separate Routers for IoT and Security

    Hello and the best of 2021 to everyone. I have recently moved to a new home in BC (Canada) and have brought all of my previous gear along. I have a fair bit of hardware accumulated over the years that can be incorporated into a more secured network design. However, I have not yet concluded on...
  10. J

    Use "Parental controls" for IoT security?

    ASUS router has "Parental controls" to block, per device: Adult Instant Message and Communication P2P and File Transfer Streaming and Entertainment Q. Are these controls useful at all for securing IoT devices like NAS, thermostats, and smart TVs from contacting malware or spyware servers? Q...
  11. B

    IOT security question: Seperate a Smart TV from rest of network.

    I hope can explain this correctly. My goal is to separate a Smart TV IP Address from the same IP range as the rest of our home network. Currently I have an ADSL modem that is acting purely as a bridge to the ISP provider and that is all it does. Then I have a consumer router (Netgear r6250)...