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    Route Specific LAN IPs thru L2TP/PPTP VPN Client, How?

    How Route ONLY SPECIFIC LAN IPs thru L2TP/PPTP VPN Client?
  2. T

    Interesting issue on Asus RT-AX88U & RT-AC86U

    Hi, I would like to share my experience with issue, I am facing on various firmwares and on the following models: AX88U; AC86U. The latest firmware I've tested is Asus & Merlin 384.14_0 Looks like the bug is migrating with Asus firmware from device to device. The same setup is...
  3. R

    Unorthodox VPN situation

    Long story short, my router (ASUS RT-1750B1), is not capable of processing over 20D/50U Mbps over OpenVPN and my VPN provider (NordVPN), does not support L2TP or PPTP - cheers guys! So I was thinking about a way to curb OpenVPN'ing on the router and I came up with this setup: - Install Ubuntu...
  4. H

    Asus RT-AC88U NAT Passthrough

    In Asus RT-AC88U, the VPN related NAT Passthrough by default allows PPTP Passthrough L2TP Passthrough IPSec Passthrough RTSP Passthrough H.323 Passthrough SIP Passthrough do any of these pose a security liability ? ie can someone from the WAN take advantage of these passthroughs to connect...
  5. S

    L2TP/IPSEC VPN client on RT-AC86U - is this possible?

    I'm curious about whether one could get an L2TP/IPSEC VPN client running on the RT-AC86U. The Merlin firmware doesn't support that - it offers an L2TP/IPSEC server, but only unencrypted L2TP as a client. (Standard Asuswrt is the same). But is there some kind of installable extension that could...
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    RT-AC86U. L2TP and Wireless problems

    Hello, I am owner of AC86U for almost year now. And I am forced to use it as wireless repeater. Pretty pricey repeater, I'd say. The problem is that whenever you use L2TP protocol to connect internet via WAN port you'll face random wireless drops. Wired connection have no problems at that time...