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Route Specific LAN IPs thru L2TP/PPTP VPN Client, How?

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What router? What firmware? What other details can you offer that may help in answering?
The latest RMerlin firmware doesn't mean much. You need to be specific and offer more information of your setup.

If VPN Director doesn't support L2TP/PPTP, you would need to mimic it's behaviour and manually create routing table to push traffic through the tunnel interface (ip route xxxxxx) and create rules to assign given client to that table (ip rule xxxx). You would need to put those commands in a custom script and plug it somewhere.

I have no idea about Kill Switch implementation though.

Search around for topics "selective routing", "netflix over VPN" etc.
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Did OP find a solution? L2TP is the most compatible among my various disparate devices.
Why would you be using legacy protocols that are known to be security risks?
I think you're (incorrectly) assuming that "security" is the concern. All the OP probably wants to do do is send streaming traffic out a different IP. In which case there's no risk of eves-dropping anyway.
The OP asked a pretty specific question. For arguments sake, let's assume they're on 386.7_2. How does that help you answer their question?

I think what they meant to ask is if there's a VPN Director like tool or add-on that supports other protocols, and I'd like to know the answer too.
Don't know if this is still relevant

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