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    Should I buy the Linksys LGS308?

    Hi all, I currently have a small home network. Devices are as follows: Wired: TiVo V6 box (living room) TiVo V4 box (bedroom) LightwaveRF hub (G1 - plus 6 G1 devices wifi linked to the lightwaveRF hub) Apple TV G4 Work Laptop TV (not smart but linked for updates) Wifi: iPhone & iPad (plus guest...
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    Can Wifi on router be added to a switch VLAN?

    I have a RT-AC1900P and using all ports and WiFi. I'm using AsusWRT. I going add a LGS308 (managed switch) and move some of my wired clients to a VLAN on this switch. I also have a spare Dlink DIR655 WiFi - N router. Can I make a WiFi client on the RT-AC1900P a part of a VLAN on the switch?
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    Hello, Can anyone please comment on how noisy the fan is in this switch? I like this switch'es features (compared to the Netgear GS108T), but concerned about the fan noise. Thanks.