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  1. A

    Solved Thank you to drinkingbird. I do feel much better. I appreciate you!! Very suspicious and unusual activities seen on laptop and desktop. Solved

    I have had some strange things take place after the mistake of joining social media. I pretty much think that will some it up. Its like they have taken over. I am new and needing some help. I have done factory resets and new iso image resets. It just seems like it keeps happening. Is there a...
  2. T

    XT8 normal behavior?

    I've just bought a pair of XT8s to go with my 1000/1000 MB internet connection. The XT8 node has 'great' signal strength to the 'XT8 router' via wireless(5GHz) backhaul. I'll get 430/250 MB wireless wifi on my S22 phone from the node, which I'm pleased with. However, watching the World cup...
  3. Cool Games

    Cool Games - From 60 to 21 at 71

    Short timeline - Bullet points - my tech life 1975 - Most important Popular Electronics - January - my first 1978 - Arp Lexington MA job - 2600 & Odyssey 1980 - DEC Ed Services - instructor - RSX-11 on PDP-11 1984 - MIT, Project Athena and IVIS (DEC) - X11 1985 - (6) Roland Juno 106 - I...
  4. N

    50 Android smartphones + ASUS RT-AC5300

    I am working on a project where 10-50 Android smartphones are going to connect to a ASUS RT-AC5300 and live stream video from a server also connected to the router. The bitrate per phone is 6 Mbps. 50 x 6 Mbps = 300 Mbps The room is 150 m2 - full line of sight Is there a tool that can help us...