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  1. M

    AdGuardHome AdGuard blocked local domain queries

    Today I had an issue with AdGuard where it was blocking queries for local domain hosts. When I checked the dashboard, I noticed many blocks for local queries and they all pointed to the EasyList list. AdGuard reported a block with rule ||o. So, I tried to open EasyList and see if it had...
  2. V

    Solved RT-AC68U local dns issue

    Hello everyone, I experience an issue with my AC-68u flashed with Merlin 386.3_2. I configured some manually assigned IP address to some devices in LAN > DHCP SERVER settings and defined hostnames to be able to reach them this way: "mydevicehostname.local". When I dig the hostname I get a...
  3. Phrozt

    Cannot connect to a remote computer after *it* connects to a VPN.

    Here's the setup: - Router: TM AC1900 running as RT-AC68U with Merlin firmware - I have win10 desktop (personal) computer and a win10 laptop (work) computer. - Desktop is hardwired to router - Laptop is connected via wifi. It's 3 ft away, but all other hard lines are taken. -...
  4. M

    Open Transmission Port when running on Router with VPN

    Hi Guys, Thanks to much of the combined knowledge you have all contributed, I was able to get Transmission up and running on my RT-AC68U and it has been working perfectly for a week or so. The only problem I have is that I cannot for the life of me get port 51413 open. No matter what I do, it...