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  1. N

    Need advice about buying new wireless router

    Can anybody suggest a new longer range wireless router for my apartment building? I would like to get the apartment’s 2.4 GHz wireless into my apartment, but the signal is too weak. I'm going to try to persuade the apartment building I live in to purchase a new wireless router that has a longer...
  2. A

    What solution is best for wireless connection between many walls?

    Hello all :) I'm trying to upgrade my wireless speeds that I get in the upstairs area of my house. The router is located downstairs through many double brick walls. I'm currently using a Netgear dual band N600 router, and I'm using 40Mhz bandwidth on the 2.4Ghz channel to reach upstairs with a...
  3. Steve M.

    Outdoor AP Solution for < 10k sqft. perimeter

    Greetings SNB Forums, I'm looking to deploy a long range outdoor WLAN solution for a local non-profit (a cooperative farmstead / permaculture community) near Asheville, NC on approx. 2 acres of mountainous, forested terrain... I live 600 miles away but I'm currently onsite and volunteering for...