mac address filtering

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    Block the Kids

    Hi all, Looking for advice on the best way to seriously restrict my kids' network access (not JUST internet.) I have a new Asus RTAC68U. I set up my old router credentials as a guest network so as not to have to reset all my IoT devices and put the grownups on the new primary network, so...
  2. M

    Using NFC to whitelist MAC adresses.

    Hey, total newb to networking and wanting to dip my toe in it with a little project. I would like to set up a network that would use NFC to authenticate a device for 24 hours. Essentially, let it connect, and after a certain time kick it out. I did a bit of digging on the internet and I found...
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    Add Range Extender to AC68U or use MESH?

    Hello - Can you help me please? I live in an apartment complex and have an AC68U which is working fine but I have a Internet TV Box that only has the 2.4Mhz band available. The signal keeps dropping and the connection fails leading to buffering. Unfortunately the 2.4mhz band is crammed full...